Jungle Naturals® is the World's Largest and Most Diverse Line of Natural and Essential Oil Lotions and Creams

Jungle Naturals®: Health Giving Exotic, Natural and Essential Oil Lotions and Creams

Welcome to your one-stop source for the most unique natural, exotic and essential oil lotions and creams for the ultimate skin care experience. Each specialized lotion and cream features a unique natural, essential oil or blend from trees, fruits and plants from the far reaches of the world.  Whether you prefer Marula oil grown in the Miombo woodlands of Africa and Madagascar, to Moringa oil from the southern foothills of the Himalayas, Argan Oil from Morocco, or any of our other rare, natural oil lotions and creams, you can experience their luxurious texture and skin feel, plus their health-giving, exhilarating and unique benefits. The creamy, lubricious texture and softness of our lotions and creams comes from their substantial presence as the second ingredient by percentage in each product. If you want the real benefits of exotic oil lotions and creams, we know that you will be pleased with our premium quality products. All of our products come with a money-back guarantee (except shipping) if not completely satisfied  

Our Founder

Our visionary founder and guiding force is a master formulation chemist and inventor of hundreds of unique, innovative personal care products and medical products including Tan Overnight (a trademark of Sun Laboratories, Inc.), Titus Hospital Lotion, and many products for Freeman Cosmetic Corp, Newport Biomedical Corp, and many others. Our premium products are created with pride in their quality, and the sole mission, which is for the enjoyment and benefits of our customers.